Using Atom for the push/pull process

When using the Atom IDE it is possible to do many of git process though a package called github. This will allow you to push specific files, quickly locate files being worked on and push to your chosen branch.

When enabled you'll see four icons in the bottom right of the IDE which show:

  1. The ability to select what branch you want to work or allow you to create an entirely new branch.
  2. Fetch which will detect if there are any changes to pull or push.
  3. View hosted remotes.
  4. View all changes and commit to master.

Most of the work will be done with the last icon mentioned, this also displays how many edited files are currently in your local build. When selected a side bar will appear on the right showing three sections.

  1. In the un-staged section is where all the files you have edited have appeared. If you click on a file you will see all the changes you have made, you can also right click to open the file. Here you can also stage the changes by double Clicking a file or pressing stage all. This process is the same as git add *.
  2. When you have staged the file(s) you want to can write a comment and click "Commit to <branch_name>", which does the same process as git commit -m''.
  3. Once you have committed your changes the fetch icon will turn to push, when you click this the commit will be pushed to your chosen branch.

underneath the commit to master button you will be able to see all the previous pushed and the top one will also show an undo button. Clicking this will reset your build to the last push.