New Project Setup

Git repository

Firstly, check with other members of staff if a repository exists already. If you're creating a WordPress website, first clone the repository and remove the .git folder. This will be the base application for your new project.

If a repository doesn't currently exist then please create one on our GitLab server by either adding it manually or whilst configuring a development web application.


Our development websites run off ServerPilot, which allow us to quickly create manageable environments to build in. The setup process is as follows:

  1. Create a new app on ServerPilot. Use kebab-cased or a naked version of the live domain name
  2. The name of the ServerPilot app should be the subdomain for the development space, you'll need to add a DNS record for the subdomain in CloudFlare
  3. Ensure the database name and user is clear, makes sense and is difficult to guess, also ensure local and development database details are individual
  4. Update the relevant .env variables. Do not forget to add additional API keys or details later on all environments and ensure those details are appropriate to the environment


  1. Create a hostname that is consistent with ServerPilot subdomain but should end in .test:8888
  2. Create a database (if appropriate) when creating a hostname
  3. The hostname path should lead to public directory for Laravel builds and httpdocs for WordPress
  4. Add your .env variable
  5. Ensure you are using the same PHP as on the production server but try to identify opportunities to use the website in a higher version of PHP. We should encourage clients to complete PHP upgrades.