How to report a bug

The more information we receive, the more likely we are to resolve any issues. The following format will enable us to resolve the issue accurately and quickly.

Before you get started

Before reporting a bug, please ensure you have cleared your cache and cookies and are able to recreate the issue. If unsure or unable to recreate the issue but are concerned the problem may come back, please do share as much information as you can in the report with the relevant person.

Providing the report

When reporting a bug, please provide the following information (in order of importance):

If using Trello:

Create a Trello card with the above information. Assign it to relevant person and team leader of task. If unsure, assign to Dean or Anna and the card will be reassigned.

If no Trello board exists:

Mention the issue on the relevant Slack channel and someone will point you in the right direction.

Tip: you may disable caching permanently by clicking opening Inspect Element